Friday, August 25, 2006


Last night I finally went to see Snakes On A Plane and it is ridiculously funny. The film is full of laughs. I had a great time and I would recommend this film to anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

On another note, today I purchased the Lego Batman Batmobile set. It comes with Two-Face and his bank car. It is a great set. Lego is still awesome.

To end this short post I will leave you with a shot of perhaps the funniest moment of the film. This is a shot of a man who decides to grab the snake and scream at it. It is hilarious.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006


This film looks hilarious. It looks to be one of, if not the, funniest movie of 2006. It comes out on the 3rd of November and stars Sacha Baron Cohen of TV's "Da Ali G Show". The film isn't even out yet and I am already quoting lines from the trailer. This film is sure to be great and, if you haven't already, you should definently check out the trailer.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Finally I am back from my great trip to Europe. After a few weeks in the amazing country of Spain and then the rest of the time in my home country of Norway I am back. My trip was very eventful, that would explain the lack of posts. My summer was excellent. I had a great time, as I always do. I love the scenery of Europe, it is very beautiful there. One point I didn't like is the fact that movies arrive weeks after there opening date. This is why I have missed out on many great films. I was still able to see Miami Vice, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Superman Returns, all of which were very good. I have yet to see Snakes On A Plane and World Trade Center, only to name a few. I just wanted to post to say I was back and will post my movie journals of the last few months. When on vacation one tends not to see as many movies, this being the case for me. I also have yet to put up flixster on my blog.


By the way, I picked up the deluxe edition of Scarface. I got it for around forty dollars. It comes with the 20th anniversary edition of Scarface, the original 1932 version of Scarface, a Tony Montana engraved money clip and collectible lobby cards containing scenes from the film all wrapped up in a cool box.

Also, I recently saw the trailer for Spider-Man 3 and it looks excellent.

Things are looking good for me getting my Xbox 360, bad news: I will have to wait until Christmas most likely. That will be perfect timing seeing as that is the time Halo 3 comes out.

Due to my clumsy brother breaking my DS I had to buy a new one, thankfully my parents bought because it wasn't my fault. I took the opportunity to buy the new DS Lite, it is awesome. It is much sleeker and less bulky than the original, plus the screen is better and brighter.

I also recently purchased Metroid Prime Hunters for the Nintendo DS and, in order to keep it short I will simply say that it is excellent. It may be my favorite DS game so far or at least tied with Mario Kart DS and Super Mario 64 DS.